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MR. RUTURAJ DESAI (Managing Director)
MR. Hitendra Choudhary (Director of Business Development)

He is founder of Yantram BPO Services PVT LTD. With more than 08 years of experience in the BPO/KPO, He is been idle responsible Individual for setting and implementing financial plans, strategies and processes for Yantram. He is responsible for the company's financial plan and the development & evolution of its overall business strategies. Mr. Ruturaj Desai, is a Software Engineer & Civil Engineer who has fascination for numbers

Rachana Desai has Over 6 years of cross functional experience with over 3 years of experience with HR Management & accounting Experience to lead Yantram. MRS. RACHANA DESAI is a Commerce Graduate and has attended several work shops on HR Management & accounting and has the ability to grow and face the challenges of business operations with confidence and proven expertise.

Young, Dynamic and work-o- holic Companys Management Key Employee heading the Business Development at Yantram BPO Private Limited. Heading the Business Development Department, he has also been a core source of inspiration on bringing Yantram to a higher platform.
Brought up in Dubai and educated there, Hitendra has a flair for perfection and talent. He has been working on designations of Regional Manager Asia, Africa and M.E. for some of the top VoIP companies and has participated in IT Exhibitions. Networking of professionals- a passion has got him immense contacts in the IT Industry. Being active in the call center Industry for the last 2 years Hitendra has made a mark of honestly and professionalism where ever he has gone.
He has been interviewed by CNBC in the year 2007 for bringing about a revolution in the call Center industry deliverables.
Advising executive management on strategic direction. Creating a comprehensive business plan and financial projections for a new business service.

Hitendra Choudhary has completed his Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Mumbai University in 1997 and stepped wisely in the Service Industry with his skills of communication, marketing and IT Skills.

YANTRAM builds efficient Management Teams with Key Appointments of Directors
at YANTRAM as following:

 Marketing & Telemarketing Team
 Civil Engineering Team
 Web Developing & Designing Team
 Animation Supporting Team
 CAD drafting Team