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Concept Design Studio
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Man Power

Over 35+ Work Stations at present with a capacity to increase up to 100
Highly skilled & experienced personnel, well conversant with English,  Spanish, French etc..


Systems and servers:

 More than 35+ computers with high speed AMD Phenom 9850 processors, 2GB of   DDR2 each
   and 17" Samsung-LG color monitors and 17 TFTs.
 Four Asterisks based server make of IBM.
 Two Database servers make of IBM.
 One Mikrotik based server make of IBM.
 One FTP server (Internal as well external) make of IBM.
 Wireless CISCO (Router) working as a external Gateway with maximum speed up to   108 Mbps.
 SRW-224G4 (REAL SWITCH) with 24 ports make of CISCO
 MP-124 (Audio code with 24 ports).
 direct international lines VOIPs.
 DES- 1024 R (Internal or fake switch with 24 ports) make of CISCO

Power supply:

24 hours backup power supply with online UPS backup power system, minimum power backup up to 10 KVA.

Network Specifications:

  Latest category-6 UTP (make of CISCO) cables with 100/1000Mbps Fast Ethernet   and Gigabit
    Ethernet support.
 Network with 6 Domains (BPO, AGENTS, MANAGEMENT, BILLING, TECH, and HR) fully   secured.
 5.75 Mbps Downlink and 3.25 Mbps of Uplink Bandwidth.
 Having 15 real IP addresses used for Browsing via NAT/PAT from MIKROTEK Server   and calling
   from the VOIPs